Startup makes electric bikes that are the perfect blend of hi-tech and hipster

    Electric bikes are a great way to take the pain out of cycling for those who want to avoiding jumping into a gas-guzzling car. But they’ve never really taken off in a big way except in mainland China. Perhaps what’s needed is an injection of style. A Hong Kong-based startup is aiming to do that with its new Ariel Rider ebike, pictured above. The new brand has distributors in the US, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, and Singapore, and it will ship globally when orders arise.

    Arda Onal from Ariel Rider says that the ebike brand is prepping a store and experience center in Shanghai. Fittingly, it’s in the swish and hipstery French Concession area. The ebike you see above is the only model from the Ariel Rider brand so far. It costs between US$1,800 and $2,500 depending on the configuration in the US, but prices in Europe and other nations might differ according to import costs.


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